I worked with Phil Childers, John Shaw, Tom Boyer, and Scott Taylor on the design, fabrication and green-field installation of 18 OTSGs for one of the largest SAGD projects in Northern Alberta. As a client project representative, my mandates around technical requirements, i.e. thermal efficiency, equipment reliability, material selection to accommodate the applicable process flows, and equipment foot print, were very stringent. Phil, John, Tom and Scott brought some extremely innovative yet practical solutions to the table that allowed me to exceed the mandates put forward and introduced some ground breaking improvements to the OTSG design.
Jaap Buse , Client Representative, Project Engineer Steam Generation 2009-2013

Sisu is comprised of individuals who have a combined experience of more than 250 years in the custom design, fabrication and maintenance of heat transfer equipment and process emissions reduction. Our combined expertise in design and manufacturing of industrial equipment represents an experience base that is unique in the industry, and includes combustion turbine emissions reduction packages and fired and waste heat recovery systems for both the process and power industries. We serve multiple process industries, including upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas, as well as most types of chemical process plants. Sisu also supports various elements of the power industries, including emissions reduction, HRSG repairs/enhancements, renewables with heat transfer components, and distributed energy opportunities.

We partner with you to increase efficiency, increase performance and increase the value of your equipment. Whether you are building new equipment or modifying the equipment you already own, our background in field support and design can help you optimize your application or process.

Sisu product expertise applies to:

  • Distributed Energy
  • Renewables
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Retrofit Optimization

Sisu has the experience and expertise to provide you with most types of emissions reduction systems, heat transfer from CTG exhaust or utilization of thermal energy from various streams. In addition, we offer retrofit optimizations for Catalyst System ancillary equipment, HRSGs and WHRUs, as well as complete field services for repair, replacement and enhancement.


I’ve known Phil Childers, Charles Lockhart and many of the other principals at Sisu for almost 15 years. They were the key individuals involved in the design and supply of an HRSG and two exhaust gas (catalyst) modules installed at MID’s combined cycle and simple cycle GE LM6000 gas turbine power plants. These guys are knowledgeable, dependable and great to work with. Every so often you come across people or a company in the power business whose word means something, somebody you can trust. That describes these guys at Sisu perfectly. They know what they’re doing, they’re easy to work with and if something needs fixing they are there at your jobsite rolling their sleeves up, ready to solve the problem. They are an excellent resource!
Richard Smith, Generation Manager, Modesto Irrigation District