Experience and agility in every project.

Each member of the Sisu Brain Trust provides expertise in a critical discipline—design, heat recovery manufacturing, structural steel, instrumentation or catalytic reduction systems. Together, the Sisu team represents more than 250 years of combined experience. Their proven expertise in design and industrial equipment manufacturing is unmatched. Sisu’s experience in heat transfer is deep. In 20 years, their members have installed more than 100 catalyst systems behind combustion turbines.

Jim Alfred, BS – Construction Management Engineering Technology

Project Manager

Jim worked with Phil and Jim Medlock to develop and manage the original catalyst system projects. Jim has more than thirty years’ experience in project execution management, including multi-faceted projects that involved detailed engineering, supply, transportation, and erection for some of the largest Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG) projects in northern Alberta, as well as multiple catalyst system projects for gas turbine OEMs and various EPCs.

Thomas W. Boyer, BSME, P.E.

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Tom holds a P.E. license in Oklahoma and Alberta, Canada. Tom has extensive experience in product development, failure analysis, and ASME Code. He has experience in both commercial and industrial applications having served in the role of Senior Product Development Engineer for multiple companies in a variety of engineered product lines. Tom initiated and implemented the use of ProEngineer as well as leading several companies, including Sisu, through the registration process for ISO-9001. Tom also led the effort to secure certification with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA).

Philip Childers, BSME

Executive Vice President

Phil has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and sales of engineered equipment. Phil pioneered the use of catalytic reduction systems in the HRSG product line for an HRSG manufacturer, and subsequently developed its Simple Cycle Catalyst System (SCCS) product line. Phil was responsible for multiple patents and applications for this equipment, and his innovative thinking allowed new standards of performance to be realized in the industry. Phil previously served as a Design Engineer, Proposal Engineer, Vice President of Sales, and Chief Technology Officer within this industry.

Terry L. Cowan


Terry built his family’s first manufacturing facility from the ground up, and grew the original company into five separate industrial fabrication facilities. He also added two engineered products groups through acquisition, and then served as President/ CEO for the entire organization. Terry’s hard work and vision helped create a successful company that ultimately had sales in excess of $160 million per year.

Brian W. Crockett, BSME

Director of Sales

For the last eight years, Brian was responsible for sales in both HRSG and catalyst system markets, including leading the SCCS evolution and application. Brian worked as Product Manager and Technical Sales Manager in multiple facets of the power and instrumentation/ controls industries. Brian led his previous company through strategic planning, development of strategic partnerships and initiatives, and managed both technical development and marketing of various product lines.

John Hare

President / CEO

John has varied and robust experience from working in multiple industries throughout his career.

He served as a COO/ CFO for 15 years, as he helped Terry grow the original company. John’s ability to negotiate project requirements and recognize financial structure provided the means and opportunity for growth while building a larger, more diverse organization that spanned multiple states and operated both nationally and internationally.

Jeffrey A. Kieffer, BSME, MBA

Manager – Commercial Products

Jeff focused on the development and manufacture of heating solutions. He has more than fifteen years’ experience in design, development, and marketing of heating and combustion products. Most recently, Jeff concentrated on solving combustion challenges end-users face in oil/gas processing industries and similar industrial applications. Jeff also developed proprietary products for the commercial market, and will be leading Sisu’s focus in this arena.

Scott Ledbetter

Logistics Manager

Scott has almost thirty years’ experience in international logistics, working for import/export, trucking and engineered products companies. Scott specializes in projects cargo facilitation, and the overall transport, documentation, compliance and permitting processes for both domestic and international opportunities.

Charles Lockhart

Manager – Field Support

Charles leads the Sisu effort for field support, including startup and a special focus on retrofit optimization. Charles worked in the field support area for capital equipment for more than ten years. He also works as Sisu’s first-line representative to help clients realize maintenance and enhancement opportunities for new and existing equipment.

James L. Medlock

Manager – Design & Detailing

Jim spent nearly 40 years in the design and detailing of heat transfer equipment and catalyst systems, including extensive experience in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and process heaters. Jim guided designers and detailers to optimize the structural and mechanical designs, and acted as liaison with the shops during the fabrication portion of the projects. Jim worked closely with Phil to develop and evolve the original Simple Cycle Catalyst System designs, as well as working with John Shaw on multiple heat transfer projects.

John R. Shaw, BSChE

Director of Technology

John worked in the heat transfer industry for nearly forty years, and is exceptionally well known in the field. John developed multiple thermal design programs, and is experienced in creating and assessing capital equipment costing applications. John led an engineering company into the HRSG market by creating a proprietary thermal design program. John is capable of analysis and evaluation of multiple heat transfer mediums, including water, steam, oil, gases, etc.

Scott A. Taylor, BSME

Chief Instrumentation & Controls Engineer

Scott worked in design and specification of instrumentation and controls for both the power and process industries. Scott has extensive experience in field installation and startup, and is well-versed in both ASME Code and ABSA. Scott excels in the ability to understand, troubleshoot, and optimize equipment design, installation and operation.